How to work as a team in Escape The Puzzle room?

A successful team building experience starts and ends with an obstacle to overcome. Solving the challenges of our escape room games in eastern New Jersey is a unique way to bring team members together and lets each one’s strengths shine.

Let’s face it, not everyone is a natural born leader. But that’s ok in any challenge and especially in an escape room. A leader may be there to oversee and direct things, but natural seekers are there to find hidden objects and gather information. Puzzle solvers emerge and their tenacity proves invaluable to accomplish the objective. Some players are lone thinkers and may wander off by themselves, combing through information. Either way, each member is key to solving the puzzle.

The unique feature of an escape game is that the clock is ticking and everyone knows it. So critical thinking and team work become more urgent. Communicating with others is essential to keep track of all that is going on in such a short time. Collaborations quickly establish themselves to complete tasks. And when the time is up, escape or not, team members are energized and motivated, hopefully with new insights to each other.

Escape the Puzzle offers a unique manager insight for each of our scape room games in eastern New Jersey. We welcome a manager to observe the proceedings of their team playing. You will watch and listen to your team in action and gain insights to individuals’ strong and weak points. This provides an intimate glimpse into how each team member deals with the puzzle at hand and the pressure of the ticking clock.

After the hour is up, we suggest the team and manager spend some time debriefing. Discussing how things were done well or how things could have been done more efficiently gets team members to come up with better strategies. Using communication and critical thinking regarding the challenges faced together, teams bond and get a better understanding of each other’s skills.

Now that you have some information on how to approach them, book one of our escape room games in eastern New Jersey today!