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Escape rooms are the newest and hottest trend in live action immersion games. It’s becoming a worldwide phenomenon and you have an Escape Room right here in Long Branch, New Jersey. Can you Escape the Room? You and your team have 60 minutes to solve the clues, riddles and puzzles and get the ultimate rush of the Escape Room. Work together to find your way out and Escape the Room.

Can You Escape Our New Jersey Escape Room and Puzzle?

Escape rooms are becoming a popular activity for many occasions, whether it’s a fun night out with friends or a special occasion. At Escape the Puzzle, we have built the ultimate escape game in New Jersey, providing you with a fun experience that requires cooperation and critical thinking skills. When you enter the escape room, you and your team have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape from the room. Can you get out in time?

Family-Friendly Fun for All Ages

While many escape rooms cater to the adult crowd, we offer a new Jersey escape room for kids, giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a fun event with the whole family. Kids six and under even play for free! Choose from various room themes and find the one that suits your family. Some of our most kid-friendly New Jersey escape room games include themes like the animal kingdom, carnival, and pirate rooms. Try one or come back to try them all; it’s an excellent opportunity to learn to work together and help your children learn essential problem-solving skills they can use in their daily lives.

An Exciting Adventure for Everyone

Our New Jersey escape room and puzzle offers an exciting adventure for everyone. Our guests include residents, tourists, gamers, and even corporations. Escape rooms require teamwork to be successful, making New Jersey escape room games an excellent choice for team-building exercises for the office. Contact us today to schedule time in the escape game in New Jersey. Can you solve all the puzzles and get out within 60 minutes? Find the clues and solve the mystery.


An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The games are physical versions of “escape the room” video games. Games are set in a variety of fictional locations, such as prison cells, dungeons and space stations, and are popular as team building exercises.  The earliest room was created in 2006, and escape rooms became popular in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Israel and mainland China in the 2010s. Permanent escape rooms in fixed locations were first opened in Asia and followed later in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

A family friendly game for all ages! Kids 6 & under play free!


Click below/above to book your Escape the Room adventure now; it’s one of the best things to do on the Jersey Shore! Pick your room and with a few clicks reserve your spot in one of our Escape Rooms. Don’t see a time that works for you? Call us, we’ll try to help you out 732-995-9004


Your objective is to solve all the puzzles and riddles in the Escape Room to get to the final exit and the thrill of the escape. Do we really lock you in? No, the door you enter is never locked.


There’s nothing like finding the clues and solving a puzzle – and our New Jersey Escape Room adventures are full of them. There is no lack of solving in each room for all team members of every age. Clever, tricky and sometimes right in front of you! Let the solving begin.


Escape the Room is great for all types of players from beginner to advanced.

Friends & Families

We love family escape time! Bring the whole family (we don’t charge for children 6 and under – don’t leave those little ones at home). We have had many families and groups of friends try their hand at our Escape the Rooms. There’s nothing like working as a team to reach a goal and escape.


Looking for something to do to get out of the heat or in from the rain and cold? Our Escape Rooms offer a purely unique experience and is one of the best things to do on the Jersey Shore!


Looking for a challenge? Want to be immersed in your game? It’s like playing in a Hollywood set here at Escape the Room with the added thrill of the clock ticking down and the escape right there for you to find.


Looking to put your team to work, blowing off some steam but still having to work as a group? Book an Escape the Room and you and your colleagues will race through the room to find your way out.

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New Room


“One day, your travels bring you upon the sunken city of Port Royale, a centuries old Pirate Town swallowed by the seas many ages ago. As you go deeper into the city to explore, you begin to realize that the tide is coming in within the hour! Will you be able to escape, lest you become the mermaids next play-thing?”

Got A Clue? Try Escape The Puzzle's detective-theme escape game today!

Got A Clue?

Five guests have been invited to a pre-opening night cocktail party – and here’s where things go sideways! You are all being blackmailed and the blackmailer is dead. You need to get into the mansion and retrieve all the incriminating evidence against you – and figure out who the real killer is. Otherwise, when the cops show up, you’ll all look pretty guilty.

Escdape The Puzzle offers a fun, clown-free carnival escape room in New Jersey!


There’s nothing like an old fashioned Carnival. The carnies are nowhere to be found and you have the whole place to yourselves! All you have to do is complete all the games to get out in time. No clowns included. 3rd floor.

Escape The Puzzle offers a challenging swamp escape room in eastern New Jersey! Book online!

The Swamp

To lift the curse that has been placed on you by Baron Samdi, you must get into his shack, deep in the Louisiana bayou, find the cure and escape in time. 4-10 players – 1st floor

Have a larger team?  Just give us a call, we’ll work it out.

Tower – Escape Room


You have been tasked to return the box to the lost room in the Tower, and to leave before sunset.  Or you may share your Uncles fate! 3rd floor

Have a larger group? Give us a call, we can help you out.

Speakeasy – Tallulah Darling’s Shore Club

Speakeasy – Tallulah Darling’s Shore Club

​The hit list has been delivered to Tallulah Darling’s Shore Club and your name is on it!  You have 60 minutes to find the list and escape before the hit man returns and your ​fate is sealed.
​Can you escape the room in time? 1st floor – Wheelchair accessible

Have a larger team? Just give us a call, we’ll work it out.

Three Keys – A streampunk adventure

3 Keys – A SteamPunk Adventure

You have been working for that inventor for some time, and I know he hasn’t paid you!  I’ll let you in, but don’t come out ’till you have your money.  It’s all about the money. 2nd floor

Try Escape The Puzzle's animal escape room today! Perfect for kids and families!

Animal Kingdom

The secret to immortality lies within the Animal Kingdom itself.  Five of the animals truest to their natures were gathered and delivered in a caravan.  But when opened, only one of them had survived. Can you figure out which remains? 2nd floor


Will it be safe during the game?

Yes.  Our games range from “nothing to fear” in Speakeasy to just “a little creepy” in Swamp.  Carnival is all about “carnival fun”.   There is no “shock factor” and nothing inappropriate for minors.  We’re actually really family friendly!

How difficult is the game?

Our escape rooms are designed to be completed in 60 minutes or less.  You do not need any special skills or talents to complete the game, just an open mind and a sense of fun.

Why should I join this game?

Escape rooms are all the rage these days.  And the best reason to join a game is for the fun of it.  So put down your phones and get ready for an hour of immersive and interactive fun.

Who can play this game?

Anyone and everyone!  Families.  Groups of friends. Corporate teams. We are a Family-friendly escape game that offers teams of 2-10 a chance to test their skills in finding, solving, and escaping.

Want to see what people are saying about us? Check out these reviews

5 Star Rated Escape Room in New Jersey

Escape for an hour of fun in Long Branch

This activity was a total blast. I'm obviously not going to spoil what happens. The setting is a speakeasy in 1920s Long Branch. Gatsby Fans, you will enjoy. Cleverly, music from the era was piped into the escape room, which my kids said made the experience "creepy" and even better.

Excellent escape room with a hollywood set!

Escape the puzzle is a well thought out plan of events that lead you from one room to the next. Figuring out just how to get to each room makes all the difference in your experience . The Hollywood set like rooms are well done and well though out!